Behind the camera

Fun fact: I shot my first wedding when I was sixteen... And then proceeded not to shoot another wedding for a decade. I gotta say though, 16 year-old me didn't do too bad a job. In truth, photography was, in a lot of ways, my first love. I was gifted a cheap point and shoot camera one Christmas as a child and was immediately hooked. I spent big chunks of my childhood sticking cameras in people's faces and convincing myself that I was going to be a photojournalist for National Geographic one day. Life rarely plays out like our childhood imaginations.

My brain wandered to other passions and I fell out of the practice in my late teenage years. I sold my only remaining camera during college for rent money and didn't think about photography again until I was 24. A series of dramatic life changes, with a move from my near-lifelong home in Texas to the Pacific Northwest at the core, thrust a camera back into my hands and I've ate, breathed, and slept photography ever since.

Second fun fact: While my heart lies primarily in weddings, engagements, and creative portraiture, my journey rediscovering my love for this art form has taken me to many places. I've become a film photography enthusiast, and will typically and stubbornly refuse to make a photo of a landscape on anything other than film, I've ran around in crowds and on-stage capturing wild concerts, and have worked on the set of film productions and for a sleuth of corporate entities and organizations, notably, The American Cancer Society and Portland Public Schools. All of these experiences in a wide array of photographic fields have brought me confidently to where I stand now, where I feel the most resonance with my passion for photography; Creating lifelong tokens of meaningful moments and connections for you.

Final fun fact: My journey around the sun has seen me dip my toes into lots of fields of work and study, including emergency medicine. While photography lies firmly at the core of my being, I also maintain my certification as an EMT, so, watching me wield a camera in one hand and dress an over-enthusiastic kiddo's scraped up knee simultaneously at your wedding reception with the other is not outside of the realm of possibility. Hopefully, that won't happen, but hopefully, I'll see you there.