Recent Weddings & Engagements

Jasmine & Victor's Wedding Day

Jasmine and Victor brought me along on two separate occasions. On the first, I was honored to be able to document their wedding ceremony, which was performed as a traditional Chinese tea ceremony in the backyard of their beautiful home. Following the ceremony, Jasmine and Victor met family down the road at Cooper Mountain vineyard in Beaverton, OR for their reception. The Gallery for their second day can be found lower on this page.

Kristy & Drew

Kristy and Drew were married on a sun-drenched Saturday in the beautiful hills of Rockaway Beach, Oregon, in the coastal mansion formerly belonging to Arnold Schwarzenegger nonetheless! The property was perfectly positioned to soak up the late afternoon sun through massive floor-to-ceiling windows so that by the time the reception was underway, there was a golden glow in every room of the house. After dinner, Kristy and Drew hosted their family and friends down on the beach for a spectacular bonfire celebration. I'd put money on this being at the top of the list for picturesque coastal weddings

Jasmine and victor's "Engagement" photos & reception, round 2

On the second occasion that Jasmine and Victor brought me along to capture their day, I met them at Jenkins Estate for a post-wedding couple's portrait session that we'll pretend was their engagement session. Afterwards, I accompanied them to a larger reception, once again at Cooper Mountain vineyard, this time with a big group of friends who had not been present at their first reception held for family. It was such a joy to witness this couple's connection on multiple occasions.

DAnielle And michael

Danielle and Michael were married on an overcast Saturday with constant incoming rain teasers. There were fears of a downpour during the ceremony and plans in-the-works to relocate the ceremony indoors to the large barn with beautifully-exposed beams at Oak View Acres in Canby, OR. Luckily, the rain let up for just long enough for the outdoor ceremony to commence as planned, and Danielle and Michael got to say their I-do's against Oak View's backdrop of farmland and mountain range.

ESteban's surprise proposal to ally

The story behind this snowy mountain proposal and the resulting photos is a long, chaotic one. The short version; an unexpected locked gate at the entrance to Trillium lake and Esteban and Ally's looming flight back to Florida led to an impromptu snowshoe rental and a two mile in-and-out hike to the observation deck at Trillium Lake. Unfortunately upon arrival, Mt. Hood was shrouded in clouds, but I'd argue that Esteban dropping to a knee and Ally's surprise and tears of joy upon realizing what he was up to not only made the hike worth the while, but gave Trillium Lake's famous view of Mt. Hood a run for its money too.

Mae & Carl & Carter

Mae and Carl's session was a special one. It was really important for them for their son, Carter, to be a part of their engagement photos. I met them at Jenkins Estate in Beaverton, OR and we wandered around for a couple hours, mostly with Carter leading the charge. Carter is non-verbal and very curious about the world around him, and it was so neat to watch him take notice of and interact with little things in the environment around him, completely immersed in his study. The resulting photos from this day, some of which were captured on medium format film, are a fun family/engagement session hybrid where the love and connection this family shares with each other couldn't be more palpable.